Congratulations to our June graduates!

17 Jun 2016 - 11:15
Kgaugelo Sebidi graduating with a BSocSc Honours in Development Studies


Ian Edelstein

PhD in Sociology

Measuring pathways to youth violence and the possible effects of a sports-based development intervention on youth in South Africa

Supervisor: Prof Jeremy Seekings


Susan Wilkinson

PhD in Sociology

Gauging the horizontality of community philanthropy organisations: the development and validity testing of an instrument

Supervisor: Dr Jacques de Wet


Rayner Teo

MSoscSc Sociology (by Dissertation). Degree with distinction.

Thesis title: The organisation of a land occupation: a case study of Marikana, Cape Town

Supervisor: Prof Jeremy Seekings


Tatenda Chingore

MSocSc Global Studies (by Coursework and Minor Dissertation)

Thesis title: An analysis of study-abroad students: how the ‘self’ articulates experiences and encounters in different cultural settings.

Supervisor: Prof Ari Sitas


Charlton Esterhuizen 

MSocSc in Sociology (by Coursework and Minor Dissertation) 

Thesis title: South African social theory: Steve Biko

Supervisor: Prof Xolela Mangcu


Luann Hatane

MPhil Development Studies (by Coursework and Minor Dissertation). Degree with Distinction.

Thesis title: A descriptive case study that explores the benefits and potential harms with regard to short-term international volunteer service in Cape Town

Supervisor: Prof Nicoli Nattrass


Kiren Reggo

MPhil Development Studies (by Coursework and Minor Dissertation)

Thesis title:  Living in Limbo: a study of the effects of South Africa's immigration policy on undocumented Zimbabwean migrants based in Cape Town.

Supervisor: A/Prof David Lincoln


Congratulations, too, to our 2015 Honours students who qualified in December 2015/January 2016 but formally graduated this week (titles of their honours research projects in italics). 


Kate Bassett

Perceptions of being Equipped: A Study of the Volunteer Wildfire Services

Melissa Davids

The Role of Organisational ‘Perks’ and its Influence on Employee Motivation: A case study

Marlyn Faure

Income Inequality as a Determinant of Health: The Case for Developing Countries  

Emma Gelb

Accessing Nature: The Experiences of Rastafarians in Accessing Nature for the Harvesting of Medicinal Plants

Jean Claude Havyarimana

The Impact of Micro-Financial Services on the Living Conditions of Clients and their households in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Review of Case Studies

Caroline Kensett

Can Ethical Certification play a Developmental Role? A Study of Ethical Certification in the Wine Industry in the Western Cape

Jessica Loizides 

Community-Based Tourism as a Development Strategy: A Case Study of Guga S’thebe Arts and Cultural Centre, Langa

Marietha Lugwe

Employee Motivation: What Motivates Generation Y in the Workplace?

Patricia Malila

An Exploration of Female-Headed Households in the Male Dominated Sector of Tobacco Production in Rural Malawi 

Rufaro Moyo

Shedding Light in Dark Spaces: An Exploration of why the Topic of Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Couples has been largely unexplored in South African Academia and Activism

Juliana Pita

Nature of Popular Protests in Africa: A Case Study of Uganda

Maxine Sa Couto

Share Equity Schemes and Land Equity Schemes in the Development of the South African Wine Industry: New Beginnings as a Case Study

Kgaugelo Sebidi

Extended Degree Students’ Academic Experiences: A Comparative Analysis of Two First Year Courses – SOC1006F and SOC1007S

Kathryn Wooldridge

The Way in Which Women in the Non-Destructive Testing Industry in South Africa Experience Gender Roles, Attitudes and Discrimination