Congratulations to our December 2016 graduates

5 Jan 2017 - 14:30


B Camminga

PhD in Sociology

Bodies over borders and borders over bodies: the ‘Gender Refugee’ and the imagined South Africa

Supervisors: Prof Deborah Posel, A/Prof Susan Levine & Dr Zethu Matebeni


Takwanisa Machemedze

PhD in Sociology

Exploring possible influences of HIV/AIDS-related stigma on risky sexual behaviour and childbearing decisions: Cape Town 2002-2009

Supervisor: Prof Nicoli Nattrass & A/Prof Rajen Govender


Gabrielle Kelly

PhD in Sociology

Conceptions of disability and desert in the South African welfare state: the case of disability grant assessment

Supervisor: Prof Jeremy Seekings  


Sarah Badat

MSoscSc Sociology  

Dissertation title: The intergenerational transmission of Islamic practices: A study of Indian Muslim families in Johannesburg, South Africa

Supervisor: Dr Elena Moore


Kirsty Button

MSocSc Sociology

Dissertation title: Household economies of low-income, African female-headed households in Khayelitsha: intergeneration support, negotiation and conflict

Supervisor: Dr Elena Moore


Patrice Carter

MPhil Development Studies

Dissertation title: Navigating development: the case of the non-profit documentary production company STEPS

Supervisor: A/Prof Divine Fuh


Shaun Kraak

MSocSc Global Studies

Dissertation title: Contesting ‘Xenophobia’ through Civic Education: Explorations with ARESTA in Khayelitsha

Supervisors: Prof Ari Sitas & Dr Amrita Pande


Ncumisa Willie

MSocSc Global Studies

Dissertation title: Polluting and Polluted Bodies: Intermarriages between South African women and African foreign men

Supervisor: Prof Ari Sitas