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Dr Jonathan Grossman (Senior Lecturer)

I am currently pursuing a broad focus on the public sector and alienation in the everyday experience of working class life under capitalism. Within that, I am focusing on the organisation, mobilisation and struggles of the community health worker and the outsourced worker in the public sector workplace.

2000 level: Workers, trade unions and rights.
3000 level: Research option: Equal rights and social inequalities
Masters level: Social Movements, civil society and the working class. 

Recent Publications

"Me or the mat". 2007. Submission to the SA Human Rights Commission Commission, concerning the health and safety of domestic workers.

World Bank Thinking, World Class Institutions, Denigrated Workers. In Asinamali: University Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa. 2006 Africa World Press. 93-108.

Grounding dreams of hope across time and space. In Livslang nyfikenhet. Wingard, B. (ed). 2006. HLS Forlag. Stockholm. 98-108 (Festschrift essay

Workers, their knowledge and the University. In Popular Education: Engaging the Academy. Crowther, J et al (eds) 2005. pp77-87.

Memory, Youth, Hope. Socialist History 26. 2004. pp59-82

The denigrated compassion and vision of the backyard: South African domestic workers in the new global village. Paper presented to the 13th International Oral History Conference, Rome, June 2004. Conference Proceedings. CdRom.

Working class collectivism: a legacy of hope for the new millennium?. Paper presented to the 11th International Oral History Conference, Istanbul, June 2000. Conference Proceedings. pp. 788-794.