Sociology Seminar Series - Dr Zethu Matebeni

Towards a Queer African Academy: provocations and necessary contestations

Abstract: The title of this work in progress is itself necessarily provoking - - - starting at the point of queerness for the South African academy is highly ambitious. However, if we are to imagine a decolonized university, the African academy would necessarily have to be queered. This is a jump, so let's return to the beginning - what I call a necessary disruption...


Zethu Matebeni is the convenor of the Queer in Africa series, senior researcher at Huma and a part-time documentary film-maker. With an interest on LGBT life and activism, black queer studies, photography and African cinema, Zethu has created works such as Reclaiming Afrikan: queer perspectives on sexual and gender identities; Breaking out of the box: stories of black lesbiansJo’burg TRACKS: Sexuality in the City; and published, with colleagues or as solo author, over 15 journal articles; more than 10 book chapters; co-edited 2 international journal special issues; has given keynotes and plenaries in numerous conferences; and is a co-supervisor to 6 PhD students.

Mon, 28 Sep 2015 - 13:00

Sociology Seminar Room, Leslie Social Sciences Building (Upper Campus), 4th floor, Rm4.51

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