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Dr Asanda Benya (Lecturer)

Using ethnography, my current research looks at the construction of gendered subjectivities of women mineworkers in a Platinum mine in the North West province. My broad research interests are: Labour studies, gender, labour and social movements, labour geographies, workplace identities, the extractives industry, human rights, social justice in mining communities and ethnography.

Recent Publications (selected):

Benya, Asanda. 2015. “Marikana: The Absence of Justice, Dignity and Freedom?”.  Rodriguez-Garavito, C. Human Rights in Minefields: Extractive Economies, Environmental Conflicts and Social Justice in the Global South. Dejusticia Series. Ediciones Antropos, Bogota, Colombia

Benya, Asanda. Forthcoming (2015). “The Invisible Hands: Women in Marikana”, Review of African Political Economy

Benya, Asanda. 2013, “Gendered Labour: A Challenge to Labour as a Democratizing Force,” Rethinking Development and Inequality, Vol. 2, Special Issue, (47-62) 

Benya, Asanda. & Webster, Edward, 2013, “Dimensions of Informality: changing Workplace Relations in South African Platinum Belt,” Arbeit in Globaler Perspektive. Facetten Informeller Beschaftigung (Labour Policy in Global Perspective: Facets of Informal Employment)

Other Publications

Benya, Asanda. 2015, South Africa’s 21 Years of Democracy: Reflections on Living Conditions in Marikana

Benya, Asanda. 2014, “South African Miners and the Underground Self,” Global Dialogue: International Sociological Association, Vol. 4, Issue 1.

Benya, Asanda. 2013, “Absent from the frontline but not absent from the struggle: Women in the Marikana Massacre,” Femina Politica Vol. 22, Issue 1 (144-147)

Benya, Asanda. 2013, Book Review, “Marikana: A View from the Mountain and a Case to Answer,” South African Labour Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 2 (22-23)

Benya, Asanda. 2012, “Unions Short-Changing Women,” South African Labour Bulletin, Vol. 36, Number 3 (17-18)

Benya, Asanda. “Going Down to the Belly of the Beast,” Sunday Times: 23 May 2010,

Benya, Asanda. 2009. “Women Face the Rock Face: What Challenges,” South African Labour Bulletin, Vol. 33, No. 5 (5-7)

Benya, Asanda. 2009. “If you Don’t Hear the Bell, You’re Mince: Woman’s Story of Mining Underground,” South African Labour Bulletin, Vol. 33, No. 5 (7-9)

Benya, Asanda. and Mavuso, Ntombi. (2007), “Are Learnerships Effective in Combating Youth Unemployment?,” South African Labour Bulletin, Vol. 32. No.2 (33-34)